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Kırıka in Germany

14 April 2010  |  Ana Sayfa Thumbnails
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“Zeybek”s, rembetikos, “çiftetelli”s…. rather than playing the existing repertoire, Kırıka dedicate their music producing new songs, and thus, contributing the persistence of these musical traditions. Their debut album was released by Baykus Music in 2008, since then, besides the attention they take in their hometown Turkey, they also started to take the attraction of international music lovers. Receiving considerable positive critics, Kırıka have already given concerts in Sarajevo, Damascus, and Beirut. In February the band was invited to Portugal for Festival Entrudanças. In April, they will give a concert in Germany, in Glockenbach Werstatt which is a culture centre based in Munich. Kırıka will also take stage at International Milano Torino Music Festival in September 2010.

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